During each visit, we will strive to provide the most comfortable and relaxing experience possible.

We have all been patients and want you to be treated the way we expect to be treated. You have entrusted us with your care and we want you to know that your trust is one of the highest compliments you can give us.

Sometimes a visit to the dentist can be unsettling. A few of the ways we can help make your dental visit more enjoyable is by making some of the following amenities available to our patients:

Smile Designers Hallway
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Personal Music Selections
  • Movies
  • iPad

Sometimes called “laughing gas” or “happy gas”, nitrous oxide has been in use in dentistry for over 100 years and has a long track record for safety. It is the perfect relaxant that provides anxiety relief and a quick recovery when your dental procedure is completed.

When needed, the doctor can prescribe sedatives that can further relax patients who have significant anxiety about dental treatment.

Enhance your Smile

Easily request an appointment online and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible for the dental care that you need.

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