Anesthetic Reversal

Can Numbness be Reversed?

By now, numbness is something most of us are used to at the dentist after an injection of local anesthetic. But the lingering numbness from a local anesthetic with a vasoconstrictor can last 3-5 hours. Your dental professional has a proven way that may speed up the return of sensation in the soft tissues of the mouth after routine care.

Numbness can be limiting, affecting your speech, your smile, and your ability to drink. You may even catch yourself drooling.

OraVerse® (Phentolamine Mesylate) is a breakthrough reversal agent that lessens unwanted lingering numbness after routine dental procedures where local anesthetic containing a vasoconstrictor was used. In clinical trials, the patients were able to regain normal sensation twice as fast vs. the control group.

Adult Sensation Chart 2010

Median Time to Normal Lip Sensation

These studies showed, that on average, people who are given OraVerse not only return to normal sensation twice as fast, but they can smile, speak, and drink normally sooner, and drooling is minimized.

Median Time to Recovery of Normal Function

  • OraVerse is indicated for the reversal of soft-tissue anesthesia, i.e., anesthesia of the lip and tongue, and the associated functional deficits resulting from an intraoral submucosal injection of a local anesthetic containing a vasoconstrictor.
  • OraVerse is not recommended for use in children less than 6 years of age or weighing less than 33 lbs.
  • The most common adverse event with OraVerse greater than the control group was injection site pain (5% vs. 4%).
  • OraVerse is administered by your dental professional in the same way the local anesthetic was given so that you can return to normal sensation and function faster.
Adult Sensation Chart 2010

If you'd like to have OraVerse as part of your next visit, just ask your dental professional for more details.

Important Safety Information

As with any drug, there are rare side effects with Phentolamine . These vary from patient to patient and are dependent on medications being taken and a person's general health condition. Be sure to advise our office of your medical history and medications you take.

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