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Welcome to our Photo Gallery Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations.

Adult woman visiting the dentist

Tooth Whitening

On this patient, we used the in-office whitening. The “bride to be” desired to have the whitest, brightest smile for her wedding day, and she achieved amazing results! She whitened six shades brighter!

Bleach Before
Bleach After Photo

CEREC single visit All Ceramic Crowns

Judy had many areas of erosion from carbonated beverages and was not happy with her worn smile. She was very pleased with her new smile provided with the CEREC single visit crown system. She also swore off sipping all day!

Porcelain Veneers Before
Porcelain Veneers After

Traditional Crowns (Caps)

This patient desired to have the spaces between his teeth closed without having full orthodontics and he wanted immediate results! Dr. Thomas was able to make his dream a reality with the use of Empress Crowns on his upper front teeth . This procedure provided our patient with the beautiful smile and function he desired in just two dental appointments.

Crowns Before Photo
Crowns After Photo

Porcelain Veneers

Alisha did not like the worn and stained appearance of the composite (direct plastic) veneers she had placed when she was a teenager. Her gums had changed, which showed the stained, discolored and chipped edges of the composite. She decided it was time for an upgrade. New stain resistant porcelain was the way to go!

This patient before had receding gum tissue around several crowns & cervical abrasions. He desired a more youthful appearance for his daughters upcoming wedding. The use of porcelain veneers gave the patient the youthful smile he desired to escort his daughter on her special day.


This young woman presented with a chief concern of significantly overlapped and crowded teeth. She desired a more attractive smile. Invisalign clear braces did not disappoint!

Invisalign & Crown

This patient's wish was to correct his deep bite and severely worn teeth. Invisalign clear braces was used to correct his deep bite. After Invisalign treatment, porcelain crowns were placed to cover his severely worn teeth. He was very pleased with both the function and ease of Invisalign and aesthetics of his smile!

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