Children’s Dental Care

The First Visit

When should your child have their first visit to the dentist? Answer: By age one!

Read this very informative article from the Chicago Dental Society for recommendations about the first visit.

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Dentist Kids Waiting Room

Attention to Prevention

Regular cleanings are not just routine at the Smile Designers office. Our awesome hygienists and assistants have the latest technology and tools to make sure your children are comfortable and get the best treatment possible for maintaining good dental health.

Health, Comfort, and Fun!

Videos, headphones, and ipod's help make the visit entertaining while our goal of complete dental health is established for you child.

Each time your child has a clean hygiene "report card", an award certificate is presented to them and they can enter their name into that month's No Cavity Club raffle for a chance to win great prizes.

A Cavity Treatment Option for Very Young Children

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is an antibacterial liquid used to treat tooth sensitivity and to help stop tooth decay. SDF may require repeated application.

  • SDF can help stop tooth decay.
  • SDF can help relieve sensitivity.
  • SDF can help buy time for those patients who are very young, fearful, or have special needs that may otherwise require sedation for traditional dental treatment.
  • SDF required NO anesthetic (“Novocaine”)
  • The affected area will stain black permanently. Healthy tooth structure will not stain. Stained tooth structure can be replaced with a filling or crown in the future.
See this informative New York Times column about this ground-breaking treatment option.

Remember that the cheek or tongue will be swollen, red/white, hot, and painful.

Sometimes parents mistake the chewed up area for infection. It is injured tissue that will heal without antibiotics.

Follow these steps if you notice a bite:

  • Give your child Tylenol or Ibuprofen as needed for pain and swelling
  • Provide ice packs wrapped in a towel. Don’t apply ice directly to the injury. You can also use a cold washcloths to hold on the injuries to reduce the swelling
  • Offer your child popsicles
  • Feed your child soft foods like yogurt, apple sauce, and smoothies and avoid spicy or hot beverages for the first couples of days following the injury (super salty foods may also cause some pain...think salt in the wounds)
  • Rinsing with warm, slightly salty (think a few dashes from the shaker) water will also do wonders and promote healing
  • Provide plenty of fluids and get lots of rest
  • Make sure that your child does not poke or play with the injury. Constant contact will only agitate the injury more.
  • Let your child know that in most cases the swelling will go down within a couple days and that they will be just fine.
  • If the injury extends to the outside of the lip, apply Neosporin / Triple antibiotic cream (do not use inside the mouth)
  • Monitor the injury closely and watch for signs of infection. Return to the office if the swelling gets worse with time OR does not improve in 3 days.

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